One of the biggest advantages that ANSA delivers is the ease with which it can be coupled with an external optimizer. An optimization task is a pre-processing sequence that works based on design variables, while following certain design constraints to achieve the final design objective.  ANSA’s morph parameters form the link to the optimizer’s design variables.  This way ANSA can be setup to be invoked in an optimization loop and will be executed in a pre – defined order modifying the model. Most of the FE entities in ANSA can be parameterized through ANSA parameters, which facilitates for their use in:

  • Shape Optimization
  • Topology Optimization
  • Gauge Optimization
  • Material Optimization
  • Weld Optimization
  • Composite Optimization

ANSA and META can be coupled with any external optimizer. Many commercial optimizers, as listed below, have dedicated ANSA and META nodes which can be used to couple ANSA and META in the optimization process workflow.

For documentation on step-by-step procedure to couple ANSA and META with respective optimizers, please click on the links below.

  • Mode Frontier
  • iSIGHT
  • LS-OPT
  • Tosca
  • and more…