Manufacturers are constantly looking to reduce material cost while improving performance in the marine industry. Whether it be small leisure yachts or large freight transports, ANSA & META are key enablers in reducing the product development time while satisfying the design regulations.

In addition to the multi-disciplinary pre- and post-processing capability in ANSA & META, marine specific toolbars are also provided unique to the industry to assist in the calculation of loads and boundary conditions.  Some of the applications include:

  • Structures and Durability analysis of welded plate structures
  • Model build with automated flows for ship structures
  • Noise & Vibration with reduced models
  • Detailed fastener analysis
  • Sub-structuring and sub-modeling
  • Heat and Mass Flow analysis
  • Wave Load analysis
  • Ship-to-Ship collision analysis
  • Drag analysis
  • and many more…