Active DOE

BETA CAE Systems USA is introducing a new DOE automation tool for multidisciplinary shape optimization and stochastic and robustness analysis which will help any user to perform a Robustness study using DOE and reduces the setup time by at least 85%. The Active DOE Automation process tool will help engineers to enhance their current work-flow related with the robust and multidisciplinary optimization using GUI driven automated process. This work-flow will not only automate the process but also improve the productivity of the users by giving them a user friendly GUI driven plug-in inside ANSA which allows them to follow a standardized procedure and avoid user errors.

Active DOE Automation functions completely within ANSA

Automated Functionality

  • Automated DOE Matrix generation
  • Morphing library for shape optimization
  • Approximation model building
  • Robustness assessment
  • Multi-disciplinary optimization
  • Automated results post-processing
  • User defined decision making
  • Creating and submitting evaluation runs from optimizer
  • Overlay responses for generated designs

Benefits of Active DOE Automation Tool

  • Reduces 85% of DOE Setup time
  • ANSA model as a single source of truth (Common Model)
  • Eliminates human error because the process guides the user and doesn’t allow the mistakes to happen
  • Users can easily manage big projects as the entire process is standardized with the help of a Automated GUI
  • Communication between various software is automated using established virtual hand shakes
  • No Optimizer GUI to learn
  • No knowledge of Optimization and Monte Carlo problem formulation is required
  • Dynamics status colour coding for each function