The new software tool Simulation, Process, Data & Resources Manager (SPDRM) provides a simple and intuitive way to capture, deploy, manage and improve CAE process work flows by integrating the resources, the tools and the data associated with these. SPDRM couples with the enterprise PDM system and integrates CAE into higher level business processes by delivering CAE tasks and associated data to analysts, engineers, designers, suppliers and managers.

Data Management:

SPDRM provides secure storage, version and access control for all CAE data. It can import existing access control rules from both LDAP and Active Directory, and is compatible with major enterprise database software.

Work-flow Management:

SPDRM’s process editor defines actions, organize them into sub-processes, defines their dependencies and associate these with the existing resources. SPDRM then delegates the process actions to resources based on criteria such as availability, efficiency, history, current workload. SPDRM automatically informs actors of their assignments, distributes the correct data among actions and provides a visual monitor of their progress.

Scalability in work flow build-up:

SPDRM allow for seamless integration of an entire organization from individual engineers to work groups, departments and suppliers, all work flow actors. This utilizes engineering knowledge and expertise from across the organization.

Work flow improvement:

SPDRM run-time process visualization and monitoring tools provide valuable information about work flow’s current state. Real-time intervention allows the user to alter the process at execution time in order to reduce stoppage. Process “profiling” tools allow engineers and managers too identify work flow bottlenecks and reduce the total duration of the process.


The scripting interface in SPDRM is implemented using Jython, which is the Python programming language executed in the Java virtual machine.

This allows the use of both Python and Java functionality, and easier integration with database and server protocols.

Allows seamless integration with DM entities.