Morphing Strategies Library tool allows storing existing and newly created morphing strategies in ANSA. These morphing setups can be retrieved from the database using filters to quickly find the best morph strategy to be used for a new vehicle program. Morphing Strategies Library not only allows the re-use of previously created morphing setups, it also retains the knowledge about the best practices developed by expert users, so the new users can readily apply them saving a lot of effort.

Functions & Features

  • Searching and retrieving of morphing strategies>
  • Preview of morph pictures, videos & model in ANSA GUI
  • Morphing strategies selection
  • Merging of selected morphing strategies with new model
  • Automatic Design Variables creation for optimization from predefined parameters
  • Categorization of morphing strategies based on custom program codes
  • Synchronization of new morphing strategies to the library


  • Huge time savings
  • Knowledge retention
  • Easy filtering
  • Data mining
  • Portability of morphs
  • Syncing new strategies
  • Videos of morphs
  • Auto sequencing and optimization task