KOMVOS – SDM Console, is the point where data meet with their stakeholders in the context of simulation.

SDM Console is an innovative Simulation Data Management platform for the interactive browsing, visualization and handling of all data related to CAE analysis, from PDM extractions to simulation runs, key results and reports. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface that integrates a powerful 3D-viewer, SDM Console makes it possible to manipulate CAE models, get information on their meta-data, generate model reports and access model statistics with no need for prior knowledge of ANSA, META or any other SDM system.

Designed to be flexible and adaptable, SDM Console, serves the function of a powerful front end for data search, navigation and collaboration and can be integrated in all CAE environments, as it performs equally well with all CAE data management systems: From the smaller-scale file based ANSA-DM to corporate solutions such as SPDRM or any other 3rd party SDM system, SDM Console can become the single reference point for the management of all CAE data.

The function of SDM Console also spans beyond data browsing to data processing. Through this platform, it is possible to initiate data processing tasks on-line, by integrating existing workflows with custom action calls, or export data packages for off-line processing. This particular capability makes it ideal for the preparation and delivery of data packages to external services suppliers.