ANSA encompasses a full – fledged Morphing menu which is completely integrated with ANSA’s interface and doesn’t require any additional module installations or licenses. The functions of the Morphing menu can be used to efficiently re-shape both FE and/or Geometry based models.

Domain (Box) Morphing

Domain or Box Morphing is preformed via boxes that are created around a particular part or assembly that the user intends to morph. The movement of the Morphing boxes control points defines the morphing operations on the entities inside the Morph box. This type of Morphing can be applied to both FE and Geometry based models.


Direct Morphing

ANSA’s Direct morphing features gives the user the ability to efficiently modify a part locally without having to create Morphing boxes. This method is extremely useful in creating local modifications on single parts. Creation of depressions, surface fitting certain FE part features to new target geometry, moving selected features along the contour of a surface and also the ability to freeze (rigid) elements during the morphing process are some of the direct morphing abilities.

Parametric Morphing

The desired morphing actions can be saved as parameters which can be accessed in batch mode. Users can enforce desired shape changes by changing numerical input value for the appropriate parameter. This method of morphing is highly utilized for coupling of the morphing operations to an external optimizer. The scripting capability can be used in conjunction with ANSA’s parametric morphing functionality to deliver faster DOE models.


Geometry Morphing

ANSA brings to the CAE world its ‘one – of – a kind’ tool for CAD geometry morphing. This pioneering concept allows the user to utilize the inventory of all the familiar FE morphing functions to perform equivalent operations in a CAD environment on geometric entities.