CFD simulations are gaining more prominence than ever before in the CAE world. CFD poses unique pre- and post-processing challenges that have to be met to improve the accuracy of simulation results. Some of these challenges include accurate description of CAD in mesh, directed and controlled meshing, and the ability to generate and handle large models and results. Most often, CFD simulations involve a variety of CFD solvers that cater to different topics of interest. These solvers often have differing pre- and post-processing requirements, demanding the need for a multitude of software. Engineers thus face with the daunting task of dealing with numerous software. BETA CAE Systems, through its software suite of ANSA and META, addresses this issue and offers a comprehensive solution without the need of additional software.


Courtesy of Technical University of Munich

ANSA with its multi-module environment of CAD healing and prepping, Advanced Meshing, and Morphing, integrated seamlessly under a single interface, helps CFD engineers execute a variety of complex pre-processing tasks for different commercial solvers. ANSA’s key strengths include the ability to work with any quality CAD and Legacy data, clean it up and prepare for meshing, and then generate high fidelity CFD mesh. This is often pivotal in boosting the accuracy of simulation results down stream. ANSA’s morphing module empowers engineers the ability to drive design by deriving a variety of designs from an existing CFD mesh and aiding in optimizing their performance.


Courtesy of Technical University of Munich

META offers a comprehensive set of solutions to synthesize large and variety of CFD simulation results from different solvers and extract specific data of interest. The numerous automation features in META help quickly go from vast CFD simulation results to a concise pptx, html or pdf reports, with minimal effort. With META, engineers focus on interpreting results rather than extracting results of interest.