ANSA is an up-front pre-processing tool that caters for most of the CAE Durability modeling aspect. The tool features advanced capabilities for generating detailed FE-modeling for Durability and is compatible with industry’s popular codes such as Abaqus/Standard, ANSYS, NASTRAN, and PERMAS. It provides the tools to setup the following analyses:

  • Linear static
  • Non-linear static
  • Fatigue analysis.
  • Thermal structural analysis.

It can easily access and edit the input deck for specific keywords from the solver manual for model build up.ansa_durability_20

Utilities like Part Manager, Compare, Laminate tool and cross section tool and Connection manager make it much easier to set up complex Durability models.

Support is provided for the creation and definition of complex weld definitions in spotweld and seam weld modeling, including FEMFAT, nCode FEFatigue, FE-Safe, Verity, etc.


Mesh algorithms and utilities are tuned to refine the mesh in user defined locations to improve the discretization utilizing the geometric surface and reduce the error estimation.

Other tools, such as the Laminates Tool, Positioning & Kinematics Tool, Contact detection, HEXA block meshing, Substructuring, Results Mapping, Includes files handling, etc. all enhance the ability of the Durability analyst to provide high fidelity models with minimal effort.