Crash & Safety

ANSA is widely used in the preparation of explicit models for Crash & Safety Analysis. It mature implementation of the major explicit codes provides analysts with support for keywords and functionalities to help setup the corresponding load cases.

Apart from the generic pre-processing capabilities, many of the regulations are supported through specialized wizards which guide the User to setup the corresponding load case.

ansa_deck_safety1Manipulation of Dummies and kinematic mechanisms is supported through easy to use interfaces, allowing positioning and articulation of joints, creation of restraint systems and dummy-seat de-penetration.

ANSA provides the complete process for model build up, model management, and load case setup for the explicit analysis.

Due to the ever increasing demands on understanding, crash models are built with increasingly more detail. This has led to significant computational model sizes. META was developed from the onset to be as efficient as possible in loading results and handling large data sizes. It’s ability to filter data prior to loading, enables analysts to load a large number of results for direct comparisons.


It supports image and video loading, so that the simulation can be compared with test results. META also provides many utilities to synchronize these diverse data sets.

The integrated 2D plotting tool allows for the efficient handling of multiple result sets.

ANSA & META are able to provide the analysts with all the necessary tools to support their Crash & Safety requirements, providing a complete pre- and post-processing environment for the CAE analyst