ANSERS is a web application, offering a front-end web dashboard interface for accessing and combining engineering simulation and physical test data, granting an overall perspective, to accelerate effectively the engineering design evolution decision making.

It comes to handle the vast amounts of data generated by simulation and physical tests that engineers have to work with. ANSERS offers an easy, yet thorough way, for accessing, visualizing, correlating, and sharing simulation and physical test data, through elaborative, customizable, and automatically updated dashlets, built to suite the purpose in the web dashboard environment. Data can be retrieved from a variety of servers, through simple filters, always respecting security restrictions.

ANSERS environment, on a desktop or handheld device web-browser, is a communication and decision-making tool, far more powerful than conventional reports. Simulation and physical test results can effortlessly be brought forth and compared, while different dashlets can be generated and shared effortlessly. Meaningful and comprehensive information is shared among stakeholders of any level of expertise, with the appropriate level of detail.

The single point of truth for your data

  • Real-time and secure connection to a variety of simulation and physical test data servers.
  • Comprehensive and customizable dashlets.
  • In-depth comparison of simulation and physical test data.
  • Always up-to-date project overview reports.
  • Effortless data communication through direct dashboard sharing.

Why to choose ANSERS

  • Simple and intuitive browsing interface.
  • Effortless generation and update of dashlets.
  • Rich panels library.
  • Simple-to-use query interface.
  • Out-of-the-box solution.
  • No client application is required.
  • Continuous enhancement.
  • High-quality technical support.