BETA CAE Systems provides the best-in-class ANSA & META pre- and post-processing solutions for the Automotive Industry. Used at most major OEMs worldwide, the constant focus of user feedback in developing the next generation CAE tools has led to its universal adoption.

Coupled with our strong developmental partnerships with solver companies, BETA CAE Systems strives to provide the leading solutions across a broad range of functionalities.


ANSA provides a complete pre-processing environment that enables the Engineer to go from CAD data to a ready to run solver input file.

  • It provides tools to translate and manage the CAD data utilizing data management utilities.
  • Automatic generation of mid surface for constant thickness and non-manifold plastic parts.
  • Template driven Batch Meshing to generate meshes for surface and solid parts.
  • Representation manager to handle different meshed representations.
  • Assembly tools to connect all the components and subsystems together, representing different types of fasteners (spot welds, adhesives, bolts, seam welds, etc.).
  • Includes management for easy assembly of solver specific files.
  • Load case management tools for the preparation of the analysis deck.
  • CFD model preparation from raw CAD data to boundary layers and volume mesh.
  • Additional tools such as Body in White Paint Booth analysis, Cross section tool and Fuel Tank tool.
  • Tools for the generation of load cases for multiple disciplines, including NVH, Structures & Durability, Crash, Occupant Safety, CFD, etc.
  • Integrated Morphing tools and an Optimization framework.


META provides a complete post-processing environment that takes solver results and generates reports.

There are numerous toolbars specific to the automotive industry included with META, such as the stiffness toolbar that measures the bending and torsional rigidity of the BiW. The generation of reports for numerous Crash and Occupant Safety regulations. The CFD report generation including calculation of Coefficient of Lift and Drag.

These toolbars coupled with the META’s stunning capability enable analysts to gain significant insight to their designs and provide quick standardized reports.