BETA CAE Systems USA’s efficient customer support is unparallel in the industry. Our support engineers draw experience from various disciplines in the industry, and therefore understand the specific needs of our customers. We are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients and offer various forms of support with fast response time and regular on-site support visits. These bear further testament to our commitment to enhancing the work environment for our clients.

Direct Support

BETA CAE Systems USA provides unlimited, direct support to all of its clients, available through phone, email and web conferences. If the case cannot be resolved through initial contact, BETA CAE Systems USA will track the case internally and notify the user when the issue has been resolved.

On-Site Support

For situations when an expert is needed on-site to resolve an issue or provide additional assistance, our support team can provide clients with the experienced personnel. Our experts can be utilized for short day visitations, regular periodic visits, or arrangements can be made for short term projects until the task is completed.

In addition to answering questions and resolving issues our support team is able to also provide technical demonstrations both online and in person. This is another way we ensure that our clients are always afforded the highest level of support.

Visit our Contacts page to connect with our support team.