The environment that redefines product evolution cycles in Simulation-Driven Design

Lay a common ground between Design and Simulation

  • Review simulation results without the complexity of CAE tools.
  • Make the most of both concurrent and asynchronous collaboration in design changes decision making.
  • View designs under real load cases conditions, in advanced-rendering virtual-reality environments.
  • Read, comment, and create to-do lists directly on model and simulation results.
  • Import alternative designs to compare and review.

Why to choose DEEN

  • Friendly and intuitive user environment.
  • High-end graphics performance.
  • Photorealistic rendering.
  • Minimum network bandwidth requirements.
  • Support of a variety of post-processors’ databases.
  • Continuous customer-oriented software features enhancements.
  • High-quality after-sales service and technical support.

Bring the engineers of design and simulation closer and accelerate product design-simulate-adapt cycles by redefining information exchange for collaboration and decision making.

DEEN is a desktop application, developed to be used by both CAD and Simulation engineers to review designs and simulation results directly on the 3D model. It can open databases from most well-known post processors holding model, simulation results, and any additional data. DEEN offers all the necessary tools to facilitate the exchange of feedback between the CAD engineer and the analyst without hustling with complicated and puzzling interfaces. Mark areas on your models, add comments, create to-do lists, compare different design alternatives, and integrating the communication capabilities of NEERE, join with your colleagues your models’ high rendering virtual reality world.

DEEN comes to lay the common ground for aligning the asynchronous exchange of feedback and the direct collaboration of Design and Simulation.