ANSA for Morphing & Optimization

Fee: $475


  • Attendees must have a basic knowledge of Finite Elements.
  • No prior Preprocessing experience needed.


Intro to ANSA morphing – Basic concept and terminology

Box morphing

  • Defining and modifying morph boxes
  • New Wrap Tool
  • Free movement morphing -mv free
  • Controlled morphing- translate, slide, offset, angle, edge fit
  • 2D box morphing
  • Cylindrical box morphing
  • Symmetry linked boxes
  • Morphing with constraints (Nested Elements)
  • Morphing histories
  • Geometry morphing

Direct morphing

  • Direct Fit Morphing (DFM) – Translate, Rotate, Edge Fit, Surface Fit
  • Design Change – Cross Section, Member position morphing
  • Surface geometry creation (cross member etc.) using Cross sections and morphing
  • Creating beads, depressions, stamps, openings
  • Creating 2D/3D ribs and bulkheads
  • Tailor welded blanks          
  • Slide features

ANSA Optimization task

  • Setting up optimization task
  • Executing optimization task
  • DOE setup

Additional topics

  1. Sensitivity based morphing
  • Morphing based on OPEN FOAM sensitivities data
  • Smoothing of sensitivity data
  • Mapping and visualization of sensitivity data on the models
  1. Solution 200
  • Size
  • Topometry
  1. Topology optimization