ANSA for Morphing & Optimization Advanced

Fee: $500


  • Attendees must have a basic knowledge of Finite Elements.
  • Attendees must have prior ANSA Morphing experience.

Following are the primary topics covered in the ANSA for Morphing & Optimization Advanced training:

Pre and Post processing Optimization steps in ANSA

  1. Optimization setup with ANSA by creating:
    • Optimization Task
    • Design Variables – Morph Parameter (Shape) and ANSA Parameter (Gauge, Material etc.)
    • Session Commands – Automated ANSA functionalities (Mass log, element quality checks and fixes)
    • Script Commands – User scripts usage
    • FE Output
    • DV Input file
    • Reponses Item – Morphed part dimensions measurements file output
    • Visibility Control – Specific part locks used for morphing
  1. Checking Optimization Task:
    • Running Optimization Task – Sequencing, Max, Min (BREAKs applied)
    • Optimization sequence with optimizers – Sequence of operations in optimizer
    • Running Optimization Task in batch mode using commands
    • Combined shape and Spotweld optimization example
  2. Multi-disciplinary Optimization – Morph Boxes, Parameters and Optimization task transfer

  3. DOE:
    • Choosing DOE algorithms and generating DOE matrix
    • Simulating the shape changes and recording videos
    • Defining solver and post processor setup for DOE
    • Generating DOE designs with responses
    • Running DOE in batch mode using commands
  1. Creating META post session file for capturing responses:
    • Extracting responses through META
    • Running META session using commands
  1. Setting up ANSA node in the workflow of the commercial optimization software
  2. Use of “Morphing Library” advanced module
  3. Overview of Tosca Topology optimization setup
  4. Morphing workshop tutorials and videos overview

Additional topics

  1. Sensitivity based morphing
  • Morphing based on OPEN FOAM sensitivities data
  • Smoothing of sensitivity data
  • Mapping and visualization of sensitivity data on the models
  1. Solution 200
  • Size
  • Topometry
  1. Topology optimization